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  • When fly fishing for a particular species, the selection of tackle should reflect the size of the fly, the type of water to be fished and the average size of fish in that area.

  • Always use a quality pair of polarized sunglasses when casting for muskies. Watch a few feet behind your lure retrieve for any dark shadow or water discolouration that could give a muskie‚Äôs presence away. When you see this, do not stop or slow down your retrieve but go immediately into a figure 8 maneuver and hold on.

  • Never leave rubber or vinyl baits such as rubber worms, grubs or skirts exposed to other plastics in a tackle box that is not "worm proof". The different chemicals may react and damage one another.

  • Find high densities of fish on your sonar and Muskies won`t be far away. Look for conditions that concentrate fish, ie: the windy sides of structure or bait spawning sites in late fall. In a cold wind, look on the calm side of structure for bait attracted to the slightly warmer condititions.