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  • During late fall Walleye/Pickerel will venture into extremely shallow water at night. They will roam in schools in search of frogs and other amphibians that are forced out of the marshes because of ice-up. It's at this time that Walleye can be caught on surface lures in water 6" to 3' in depth.

  • A fish diary is great for all kinds of fishing especially when fishing the Great Lakes. By tabulating facts as the date, time of day, depth fished over, depth, colour, size of lure and tracking speed - you will become a more consistent fisherman. For when the same conditions occur, you will know what worked in the past.

  • Get/use a 6 inch moonwalked topwater the pike miss alot but it gets them active and then take a 4 inch swimbait with a waited hook and cast right were u did last time just not right on top of it the the strike it will scare the fish

  • When fly fishing for a particular species, the selection of tackle should reflect the size of the fly, the type of water to be fished and the average size of fish in that area.