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Fishing Pro

Profile: Dan Colomby
Occupation: Full time fishing guide and charter captain/owner of Nipissing Muskies Esox Guide service (during open water season only).
Location: Lake Nipissing and Surrounding Area, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Contact: Phone: (705) 752-2600

Dan has been fishing the North Bay area since the late 80s. The portability of his ‘other’ job as a music writer/producer for television during the winter months allowed him to relocate to North Bay permanently in 2003. Within a year of the move, Dan accepted guiding requests from a few local lodges on Lake Nipissing.

Before long, Nipissing Muskies Guide service was licensed and Dan began gaining notoriety as ‘the guy on Nipissing’, appearing in Ontario Out Of Doors magazine with editor Gord Ellis, on an episode of ‘The Next Bite’ TV series hosted by musky guru Pete Maina, and through guiding excursions with the likes of Tony Brecknock of Canadian Sportfishing and Wisconsin Musky Hall-Of-Famer Larry Ramsell. Dan’s first passion is muskies but his knowledge base facilitates successful trips for most other species found in Nipissing as well.