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Fishing Pro

Profile: Ken Truffen
Ken was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Ken caught the fishing bug when he first visited St. Joseph Island in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario at age 8. It all began when he walked out to the dock at his cottage, dropped his line straight down into the lake and pulled up a 2 lb smallmouth bass. Since that time, Ken became passionate about fishing and typically carries his fishing rod like it’s glued to his hand. As a kid, much of his fishing took place in Ellicott Creek, Amherst, New York, where lived between the ages of 7-12 and would typically catch panfish and the occasional giant sucker. At age 13, Ken moved back to Canada to Burlington, Ontario where he discovered the incredible fishery of Lake Ontario and dozens of local conservation areas throughout the GTA. He spent evenings and weekends going from one conservation area to the next with his father and two big brothers. Over the years, Ken has had the opportunity to fish some of the best fishing destinations across Canada and the U.S. which has taught him invaluable information about freshwater fishing.

Today, Ken spends much of his time on Bellwood Lake near Fergus, Ontario where he has a summer home and leads a dedicated Fishing Club of like-minded anglers. He typically targets bass and walleye on Bellwood Lake but also likes to target the legendary pike if he’s up for a good fight. Ken also spends much of his time in Orlando, Florida and is particularly fond of Lake Toho and lakes throughout the Disney properties where trophy bass are commonly caught.

You can follow Ken on twitter at where he discusses fishing on a regular basis.