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Fishing Pro

Profile: Ken Keene
Occupation: Tournament Director / Promoter

Age: 39 yrs

Web address:

Although fishing truly began in his adolescent years as a bass angler, it was the discovery of carp fishing that changed Ken Keene's life in a way that would SPAN THE GLOBE.

Ken's carp fishing journey all began nearly ten years ago when he first adopted the traditional and specialized methods responsible for helping him land countless common and mirror carp in the United States. While in his early years of carp fishing, Ken developed the patience and skills necessary to become a successful carp angler which eventually would earn him a personal best common carp weighing 40.09 lbs.  

In 2006 Ken's extreme passion for carp fishing spilled over into his first venture that would be responsible for covering and promoting nearly 50 international carp fishing competitions via With his established carp angling skills and developing reputation as the leading promoter of carp fishing competitions, Ken's personal goal then became raising awareness and enlightening the people of America about the true potential of this overlooked species. Ken has written several different pieces for International Carp Fishing magazines, one article in particular uncovers eight of the hottest venues and states for carp fishing entitled, "America - A Rough Guide".  

In 2009, his passion for carp fishing evolved into the unveiling of The Worlds Largest FREE Online Carp Fishing competition. He's years of promoting and covering international carp fishing competitons led to the creation of TOKS Big Four International -, a "High Profile" competition everyone can feel very much a part of which "Includes Everyone and Excludes No One".

The TOKS Big Four International has an annual prize table valued at nearly $50,000, more than 40 sponsors worldwide and is known for awarding prizes and international recognition.  

His work with state fishery departments, fishing industry media, carp fishing competitions and carp companies has established himself as a well respected ambassador in America and also a household name within the worldwide carp angling industry.