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Fishing Pro

Profile: Ryan Edenborough
Occupation: Full time Fishing Guide and angling instructor
Age: 32 yrs
Education: Sir Sandford Flemming College - Aquaculture, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry

Ryan credits strong support and influences from his family and friends who introduced him to fishing at a very young age. In fact, by the age of 13 Ryan has averaged 320 days on the water. Ryan specializes in Northern Ontario Walleye, Great Lakes river Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass however he often fishes for a plethora of species and has caught nearly all game and coarse species available in Ontario.

Ryan is head guide at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge and has a lengthy history guiding lodge guests for monster Walleye, Pike, Bass and Speckled Trout. Ryan has appeared in many angling publications including Canadian Sportfishing, The New Flyfisher and Going fishing to name a few.

While in the off season, Ryan also guides numerous personal clients for a variety of species in Southern Ontario which also includes ice fishing. He holds no prejudices against any specie and will put you onto whatever fish your heart desires with a vast network of locations, a variety of tactics and some secret spots at his disposal.

An educated, skillful and trusted guide, Ryan's passion for angling leaves his clients both entertained and educated while out for a day's angling adventure.