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Profile: Aaron Shirley
Aaron Shirley Aaron is an avid angler who is obsessed with multi-species fishing and spends as many days on the water as possible. His passion for fishing emanated from his childhood introduction to sport of fishing. Aaron stumbled onto sport fishing on his own in his early age. By the age of nine, Aaron's great interest in fishing had him spending his allowance on his first fishing rod and reel along with a perch coloured Rapala and some spinners to fish local creeks.

Aaron continued with his passion for fishing in his youth. As a young man, Aaron spent much of his time devoted to fishing and conserving the fishing and the outdoors activities habitat by spending some of his time to help with stream rehabilitation efforts, garbage clean-ups, stocking programs and promotion of fish conservation.

At the age of 29, Aaron's talent and enthusiasm for fishing the Niagara River and surrounding lakes initiated him to start his first business venture under the name of Surely Fishing Guide Services. This caught the interest of the well known Canadian author Gord Pyzer when he covered Aaron in a couple of articles on his techniques, which helped to jump-start his fishing guide service. After a very short period of time, Aaron became known as one of the prominent Canadian authorities on fishing the Niagara River.

Aaron quickly grew in popularity, landing him several television opportunities as a guest on various fishing shows including Canadian Sportfishing. He is one of Canada's foremost authourities on multi-technique, multi species angling.