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Profile: Andrew Grant

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Although he is still a teenager, Andrew has many years of fishing experience beginning with camping trips in northern Ontario, at his cottage on Georgian Bay and more recently in the Northwest Territories.Fishing is his passion and is something he would like to pursue as a career when he finishes school.

Andrew began musky fishing when he was twelve and once he caught his first one later that year he knew it would become a lifelong adventure. Over the next few years he caught many more, three of them 50 inches long or more with a personal best of 52”. Much of Andrew’s spare time is spent researching the habits and behavior of muskies and he uses his knowledge to successfully guide family and friends to trophy fish. Most of his time spent chasing muskies is on Georgian Bay but he has now taken his skills to other waters in Ontario with great success. As a member of Muskies Canada, Andrew is 100% catch and release and is dedicated to the conservation of the species.

When he finishes high school, Andrew hopes to attend college to study Fish and Wildlife or Outdoor Adventure while developing a career as a fishing guide.