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Fishing Pro

Profile: Rich Zolla, Owner Grizz Baits™
An avid fisherman and hunter Rich has been fishing since he was five years old.  A 1986 graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's of Science in Printing, Rich combined his 20 years of color matching experience and graphics background with his love of fishing to design baits. 

Rich founded his company Grizz Baits™ which manufactures ultra high quality hand made spinner baits, in line spinners, jigs, and buzz baits in 2004.  Taking a page from fly fisherman Rich "matched the hatch" and designed his baits to replicate the bait fish that apex predators like bass, northern pike, and trout prey upon.  Baby bass, bluegill, yellow perch, white perch, and rainbow trout patterns are just a few of the best patterns that anglers all over the northeast of the United States and Canada have learned why Grizz Baits™ are the only fish finder you'll ever need!

In 2008 he developed the twin rear blade spinner bait the "Alaskan Grizzly" which is unequalled in the fishing industry today for its design, performance, and adaptability.  This bait simply did not just place three blades on the shaft.  Instead it has the standard lead blade on the shaft combined with the unique "y" arm on the rear that has the two trail blades parallel to each other.  This design allows for unprecedented flash, vibration, and depth control never before available in spinner baits.

Fishing the cold, clear, and highly pressured waters of New England has been the proving grounds for these baits, where his favorite quarry is big smallmouth bass.  Since 2004 he has grown Grizz Baits™ to a regional brand name in the northeast with a customer base of over 55 stores in six states.