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  • Must retrieve faster to keep the blades working. These are ideal ideal when Bass are very active.

  • During late fall Walleye/Pickerel will venture into extremely shallow water at night. They will roam in schools in search of frogs and other amphibians that are forced out of the marshes because of ice-up. It's at this time that Walleye can be caught on surface lures in water 6" to 3' in depth.

  • Anglers have found it easy to catch Walleye around sunken islands in early morning and late evening, but they disappear during the day. This is the time to fish the open waters just off the productive shorelines. You should be able to locate these same Wallye suspended in open water.

  • A shock tippet of 40 lbs test monofilament will help you land more Pike on a fly. Tie a 1 foot section between the leader and the fly.