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  • Bridge pilings and abutments are rarely fished. Try casting crankbaits and jigs for some beauty smallmouths. There are often smallmouth in these type of areas throughout the season.

  • Should your pliers become stick and unusable, place them in a pair of old jeans and run them through the washing machine. When the cycle is finished, they will work like new. Now all you have to do is keep them oiled.

  • Fresh fishing line spooled on a reel annually is important, especially with monofilament. The breaking strength is reduced and line twist occurs often with old line. Spool up fresh line on your fishing reel and fish with confidence to land your fish. Sufix line offers a variety of various lines to suit your needs. Check them out at your local tackle store. Good fishing!

  • Look for the green weeds, they hold lots of oxygen.....and pike.