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  • Smallies in southern lakes like weeds close to rough, rocky bottom. To find these productive weed lines follow any rock pile or bar that leaves a shoreline or island. The weed beds at the end of the rocks could end up to be "honey holes".

  • A fish diary is great for all kinds of fishing especially when fishing the Great Lakes. By tabulating facts as the date, time of day, depth fished over, depth, colour, size of lure and tracking speed - you will become a more consistent fisherman. For when the same conditions occur, you will know what worked in the past.

  • A little lubricant on reels is good however be careful not to apply too much. Dirt, dust, even sand get trapped by the excess oil. Always clean and store your reels properly but oil sparingly.

  • Find high densities of fish on your sonar and Muskies won`t be far away. Look for conditions that concentrate fish, ie: the windy sides of structure or bait spawning sites in late fall. In a cold wind, look on the calm side of structure for bait attracted to the slightly warmer condititions.