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  • In many of our northern lakes there is only scattered vegetaion. Trolling the shoreline with small Rapalas is probably the most effective method to locate smallies.

  • You can interchange skirts, blades and trailers for different occasions, limiting your purchasing. However you should have at least one long-arm and one short-arm model so you can fish both deep and shallow, weedy or open water.

  • Get/use a 6 inch moonwalked topwater the pike miss alot but it gets them active and then take a 4 inch swimbait with a waited hook and cast right were u did last time just not right on top of it the the strike it will scare the fish

  • Two piece rods are often very hard to separate. Before putting your rod together, rub the oil from the skin on your nose over the ferrule. This lubricates the connection so the rod will separate easily when it's time to pack up.