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  • In low and clear water, use a very small float such as a porcupine quill or a tapered English style float. Use minimum shot and very small hooks. The light floats will move most natural in slow water.

  • If the water is low and clear fish the pools and the middle of deep runs. Try changing to a float and eggs technique and fish at various depths.

  • Use a large coffee can, place some rocks inside to hold it down and add some fish heads. Put some small slits on each end of the can for the leeches to enter. Sink the can in a pond, marsh or bog. The best time to remove the leeches from the can is before the sun comes up in the morning.

  • An effective technique for catching not only smallmouth bass but also largemouth and walleye is to dropshot. The most effective bait to use is a Slammer made by Mark Kulik of XZone baits.