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  • Use a large coffee can, place some rocks inside to hold it down and add some fish heads. Put some small slits on each end of the can for the leeches to enter. Sink the can in a pond, marsh or bog. The best time to remove the leeches from the can is before the sun comes up in the morning.

  • Use a Gary yamto 4inch worm with a bullet weight let it sink to the bottom with a worm hook and work it from the bottom to the top use a Texas rig you are guaretes to catch one

  • When purchasing line, check for date of manufacturing or ask the store attendant if the line has been stocked recently. Always purchase the freshest line possible.

  • Big flashy spinners are readily taken by both Muskie and Pike throughout North America and at different times of the year. Cast or troll them near structure, shorelines or weed beds.