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  • For Steelhead use a longer rod with light line. Most Steelhead rods are 9.5' to 13' in length are are made of fibreglass, graphite or boron materials. Line weight varies from 2 to 10 lbs test depending on the water conditions.

  • You can interchange skirts, blades and trailers for different occasions, limiting your purchasing. However you should have at least one long-arm and one short-arm model so you can fish both deep and shallow, weedy or open water.

  • When live bait fishing for Muskie or Pike, always wait for these fish to swallow your bait. Muskie and Pike will take quite a while to turn a baitfish around in it's mouth before it swallows it.

  • Fished much slower and will run much shallower and are ideal when fish are less aggressive.