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  • Use a handling glove if available to protect hands. Lift a muskie from the net by using the jaw grip described as follows: Insert the fingers of your strong hand just inside the gill plate on the underside of the fish’s jaw. Try not to touch the actual gills (red).Now slide those fingers toward the tip of the fish’s jaw (chin) as far as they’ll go. The thumb of that same hand should pinch up under the outside soft membrane of the jaw, meeting the index finger (inside the jaw). Hold the fish firm

  • If you are trying to catch a trophy fish, generally speaking, the larger the lure the bigger the odds of hooking a large fish. Fish like Musky and Pike have been known to attack fish their own size.

  • When purchasing line, check for date of manufacturing or ask the store attendant if the line has been stocked recently. Always purchase the freshest line possible.

  • To locate shallow water Walleye at night, listen for the "slurping" sound they make when they are feeding on the surface.