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  • When loading a spool with fresh line it's important to fill your reel properly, to prevent line twists. For spinning reels always fill the reel directly from the spool, which should be held with a pencil. For baitcasting reels the spool should be held in the same manner. Always set the tension on the line being spooled by having the person holding the pencil and spool put pressure on the sides of the spool.

  • When fishing stained water try changing to a lure with a sound chamber, sometimes a little noise will wake up those lunkers.

  • Use a Gary yamto 4inch worm with a bullet weight let it sink to the bottom with a worm hook and work it from the bottom to the top use a Texas rig you are guaretes to catch one

  • Bridge pilings and abutments are rarely fished. Try casting crankbaits and jigs for some beauty smallmouths. There are often smallmouth in these type of areas throughout the season.