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  • The best place to store new line or your filled reel is in a cool, dark place. Hot sun and tackle boxes are not a good choice for storage.

  • Getting snagged over rocks occurs quite frequently when bait fishing. Add a slip bobber to your line, adjust the depth so that your bait hangs just above the rocks, eliminating the snagging problem.

  • When fishing for Perch, Pickerel, Herring, Speckles and small Lake Trout, 6 - 10 lbs test is plenty strong. If you are fishing for Northern Pike, large Walleye and trophy Lake Trout, use 14 - 25 lbs test.

  • Two piece rods are often very hard to separate. Before putting your rod together, rub the oil from the skin on your nose over the ferrule. This lubricates the connection so the rod will separate easily when it's time to pack up.