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  • The best place to store new line or your filled reel is in a cool, dark place. Hot sun and tackle boxes are not a good choice for storage.

  • Get/use a 6 inch moonwalked topwater the pike miss alot but it gets them active and then take a 4 inch swimbait with a waited hook and cast right were u did last time just not right on top of it the the strike it will scare the fish

  • If you are jigging near heavy weeds and you constantly get weeds on your jig, try snapping your jig off the bottom. This will help you rip through the vegetation and at the same time letting your jigs drop in front of fish in a more natural way.

  • By encircling the top of your rod case with your thumb and forefinger, you will prevent the rod guides and even the windings from catching the hard lip and getting damaged.