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  • If you are looking for areas to fish Walleye in late fall at night and in shallow water, creek mouths, boat channels and cattail shorelines are hot spots to try.

  • Always use a quality pair of polarized sunglasses when casting for muskies. Watch a few feet behind your lure retrieve for any dark shadow or water discolouration that could give a muskie’s presence away. When you see this, do not stop or slow down your retrieve but go immediately into a figure 8 maneuver and hold on.

  • For shallow water the best live bait rig is split-shot and a hook.

  • Locating muskies is all about timing. Take advantage of ‘windows’ of muskie activity such as approaching storms (falling barometer), low light conditions, moon phases, etc. Remember this: where you found a musky once you’ll almost always find a musky again.